Stop Fixing, Start Leading – Engaging America’s Workforce

Want to become a better manager? Want your business to hum with efficiency and your employees to be happy and productive? Then Stop Fixing, Start Leading! ®

Business and executive coach Jack Needham shows you how to avoid the usual knee-jerk solutions to problems and instead truly transform your workplace. Jack reveals secrets gleaned from years of working with businesses, from huge international operations to small local companies.

This guide, long on insights and best practices, shows you why it’s better to listen to your employees than to tell them what to do; how asking simple, direct questions can lead to inspiration and change on the job; how being “in the moment” can have great benefits for the manager/employee relationship and the business as a whole; why a leader needs to regularly step back from the hubbub and breathe; and much more!

The old ways of ordering employees around just don’t work anymore. Let Jack show you how to get the best out of yourself and your employees with Stop Fixing, Start Leading!® $0.99 on Kindle.
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