Free: Financial Freedom for Black Women: A Girl’s Guide to Winning With Your Wealth, Career, Business & Retiring Early – With Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Side Hustles, Stock Market

Financial Freedom for Black Women: A Girl's Guide to Winning With Your Wealth, Career, Business & Retiring Early - With Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Side Hustles, Stock Market

Did you know that only 2% of black households have a net worth of more than $1 Million?

That’s compared to more than 14% of white households.

That’s what an Economic State of Black America report recently discovered..

Unfortunately, as Black Women, these statistics don’t come as a surprise to us..

However, you’re likely reading this because you want to improve your financial wellbeing, and not because you want to sit around & feel sorry for yourself..

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of landing a higher-paying career ($150K+), or starting a profitable online business/side hustle?

Perhaps you want to finally learn what you were never taught about real estate or the stock market?

Or maybe you want to take a chance on Bitcoin & Crypto – WITHOUT losing everything..

The financial world can seem confusing, and it’s that way for a reason.

Inside our newest book, here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover:
The #1 investment to own to survive the next recession (HINT: It’s not Gold Coins)
The most untapped side hustles to take advantage of (nobody knows about #4)
Never make this one rookie error with the stock market.
3 x fastest growing industries for high-paying salaries this decade..
The #1 secret to consolidating and paying off your credit card debts.
A complete primer on cryptocurrency investing (best coins/tokens, hot wallets vs. cold storage, using exchanges & investing in NFT’s).
4 budgeting strategies to beat high inflation, while still having fun..
How to attain the highest “multiple” when you want to sell your online business?
Understand exactly how much $ you’ll need to retire at the age of your choice.
How some Black Women are taking home $500K+, with one simple hack?
… and many, many more secrets.

BONUS – In Chapter 8 we’ll uncover exactly how we sold our latest online business for 45x it’s average profit margin – receiving a wire transfer of 4 years-worth of future income, in one day.

Consider this book the financial education that school never gave you. Once you absorb what’s inside – you’ll be far ahead of 97% of other individuals and well on your way to a net worth of over $1M and beyond..

So regardless of your current net worth, or any financial errors you’ve made in the past, we’ll reveal the exact strategies we used to grow our wealth from 0 to over $2M and counting. Why?Because you too, deserve financial independence from the system that has been so designed to hold us back.

So, if you’re a Black Woman who’s serious about becoming financially free this year..

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