Conviction Marketing

Conviction Marketing
In a world of trending fads, unqualified “influencers” and surface-level tactics that leave business owners exhausted, overwhelmed, and far from profitable…. Conviction Marketing helps entrepreneurs uncover the secret ingredient to achieving authority and industry leadership in their field.

Conviction Marketing isn’t like other marketing books! Instead of teaching you to chase social media marketing trends that change week by week, this book will help you teach you a unique approach to building thought-leadership in your marketing, even if the most saturated online markets.

In Conviction Marketing entrepreneurs will learn how to:
Stand out on social media
Create marketing messaging that connects with dream clients
Create real influence online
Leverage a SIMPLE marketing strategy that can be applied to any social media platform
Create an online brand that commands attention
Grow their business with an authentic marketing strategy that represents who they really are
This book simplifies your marketing strategy so you can stop chasing social media algorithms, and start creating content that helps you TRULY stand out, even in a saturated market.

If you are serious about building influence online and are looking for a marketing book that walks you step by step through how to create high-value content so you can grow your business and build a legacy, Conviction Marketing is for you! $9.99 on Kindle.
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