Free: Dear Dr Cornflake

Dear Dr Cornflake: for loonies 8-118

Dr Cornflake replies to his patient’s letters in his own unique and inimitable style. A nutty book that makes perfect reading for those with a zany sense of humour. Ideal for teenage boys and anyone whose fun faculty needs a jolt.

There are dozens of letters to peruse and to be amazed with, and if you can get beyond a few pages without going into hysterics of laughter, then you really are a deadpan character. It is a perfect book to cheer up those who are down in the mouth. It is almost certain to get a response that will vary from absolute gratitude to total bewilderment. Dr Cornflake is unforgettable and he may just have you laughing buckets full of tears. An ideal present for all members of the human race. FREE on Kindle

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