The Grimwoods

The Grimwoods
The year is 1991. Jessie, Ryan and Kentucky Grimwood are three siblings with one very big problem. Left alone for the weekend, their babysitter takes a tumble down the stairs and snaps her neck. Convinced that they’ll be blamed, they concoct a hasty plan to dump the body and say the babysitter left.

Things quickly go from bad to worse when Kentucky spots a star pendant around the old woman’s neck and suspect she’s is a witch. Her worst fears come true when the woman reanimates at midnight, and drags her off kicking and screaming.

Jessie never believed in witches. But now she and her brother must race against time to save their kid sister. And when they realize that children are being kidnapped all over the city, Jessie discovers that witches are not just real, they’re everywhere…
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