Faerie Protective Services

Faerie Protective Services

“No one believes in fairies until they’re trying to burn your face off …”

My name’s Flint. I’m a half-orc, a bodyguard, and a fair hand with a rifle. Back in the day, I fought in two wars. One was in uniform for good ole Uncle Sam. The other was under the banner of The Erlking – Iron Lord of goblins, half-bloods, and orcs.

Being a vet two times over never bothered me until one hell of a job dragged me out of the mortal world, and back to the land of Faerie. Now I’ve got to get my client over the US-Mexico border before the next best thing to a fairy goddess finds, enslaves, and kills us – though maybe not in that order.

Think I can make it past the elves, gunmen, and magical forces of nature standing in my way?

Start reading Faerie Protective Services today to find out. $0.99 on Kindle.

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