Free: Noam’s Monsters: Helping Children to Cope with Anxiety, Behavioral Functions and Shyness

There are monsters living inside Noam’s tummy

Nobody knows that, not even Mommy…

Their names are raging Furiel, worried Fearona, spiteful Blames, shaming Embarrassitis and Lonely Bones; and boy oh boy, do they give Noam a hard time in challenging moments of his everyday life! Will Mommy and Daddy believe him?

A perfect read-together for grownups who do not believe in monsters, and their children who do… this lovely picture book is first and foremost fun, with colorful illustrations, rhyming verse and loads of imagination.

Written by a Clinical Psychologist, it is also an effective tool for teachers, therapists, and caretakers of all types, who work with young children, to use as an icebreaker or discussion stimulator about delicate issues such as anxiety, behavioral functions, shyness, and empowerment. Free on Kindle.
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