Free: Doctors Are Idiots! And How You Can Smarten ‘Em Up

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A comical guide to getting the best possible care from doctors when you are ill. Don’t listen to doctors, listen to a patient who has seen it all and have some fun at the same time. If you’re a fan of Mad Magazine or the Dummies books, you’ll enjoy this satirical romp.

Remember that there are good doctors, even ones who act heroically, but you may run into an idiot at the worst possible time. If you’ve been sick, are going to get sick, have an ill family member, or know anyone in the world who may visit a doctor, this is the book for you (which means everybody). You will learn the ins-and-outs of our insane healthcare system and those responsible for it. Yes, that mainly would be doctors. No, not wonders in white as we were led to believe growing up, but certified and licensed idiots!

Not only will an entertaining history of the idiocy rampant in those donning white convince you to be on guard, but also lead you to believe that your medical care is up to YOU! With this trusty guide penned by a renowned expert in the field (not exactly), you’ll learn that the almighty physician is not all that mighty. You’ll be better equipped to get what you want most from doctors and hospitals: to make it back home in relative health.

Hop on for a rollicking ride to survey the centuries of not just occasional malpractice, but outright medical harm and injury to a vast number of individuals who sought nothing but relief from pain and a return to health. Enter today’s world of idiocy and learn to deal with doctors on your terms. Find out how to deal with them and their intimidating system. Realize that fate, destiny, and fortune will not cure you, but YOU and your body, with a healthy dose of the fighting spirit, will give you a much better chance of regaining health. Free on Kindle.

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