Spirit Bond: Fact or Fiction

Spirit Bond - Fact or Fiction

Do you believe in ghosts? Energies of the dead? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Have you ever gone to a funeral and felt like the deceased was with you. Lights flicker. Cool air rushing towards you. Things being knocked off your counter. A tv remote that is buried under a stack of papers flies out and falls apart on the floor. Innocent happenings that can not be explained away by science. Any of the above things could be your loved one.

D.R. Meyers thought she was going crazy when strange things started happening to her. Month after month she experienced funny things going on that were not going on before she found out who her father was. D.R. Meyers was adopted at 7 years old. She spent much of her life searching for her biological family. Once found D.R. Meyers found out more than she ever bargained for.

She would never have imagined she of all people would become a believer. $1.99 on Kindle.

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