The Underground: Police Zombie Squad (Book 1)

The Underground: Police Zombie Squad, Book 1

Ten years earlier America was changed forever. Was it an attack or a naturally occurring event? The government still didn’t know. The only thing certain was the results. 130,000 Americans were dead, and if not for the heroic efforts of medical science in producing a vaccine, the United States would likely have ceased to exist as a functioning nation. More disturbing was the new term that became a part of every citizen’s vocabulary – Post-life Reanimated Entity, or PRE – the government’s effort to clinically label the undead.

The events of 9/11 proved that Americans have short memories. It only took a few years without a major terrorist attack for citizens to lower the priority of counterterrorism and homeland security. The same phenomenon occurred after the outbreak. Once the threat from the PREs had been eradicated the citizenry went on with life as normal, with the image of the undead stalking the streets just a faded bad dream.

NYPD Lieutenant Rick Soto is about to find out that New York City has a dark secret it is keeping from its citizens. Soto will be thrust into the middle of a threat that is all too real below the streets of the city. New York City still has work to do to eliminate the undead threat, and that mission is the job of Lt. Soto’s new Police Zombie Squad. $0.99 on Kindle.

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