AMERICAN LYNCHPIN: The Spirit of Freedom and The Second Civil War

AMERICAN LYNCHPIN: The Spirit of Freedom and The 2nd Civil War

Eight out of ten people polled say they believe that the country is “mainly” or “totally’ divided.

There is a growing sentiment, in the majority of people in America, who believe that given our current state of affairs, we have never been more divided as a country. It is not only a political rift but it seems to be generational and cultural. People are starting to realize that they have nothing in common with their fellow countrymen. There is no common ground for compromise. That is remarkable considering all the instances of polarizing events that have occurred in our past, such as civil rights, abortion and the Vietnam War, just to mention a few. However, none of those controversies were divisive enough, to actually split the country apart.

Nevertheless, there is a precedent that did exactly x just that–tore this country asunder; resulting in four bloody years of slaughter that had brothers killing each other. It was the ultimate schism. The American Civil War was unquestionably one of the darkest times in our nation’s past.
The first Civil War is the blueprint for how a country becomes so divided, that it tries to annihilate itself. We must recognize it as such. We would be wise to study it, dissect it, deconstruct it and learn the lessons that it has to teach us, if we have any hope for the salvation of our country in the future.

We must take the words of Mary Chestnut to heart on the eve of the Civil War. “We are divorced, North and South, because we have hated each other so.” We must regard her words as a harbinger. $3.99 on Kindle.

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