Free:Beyond the After: Princess Lillian

Rediscover Snow White, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty—20 years beyond the “happily ever after.” The famous fairytales continue in book one of the epic, award-winning series. An evil presence has returned to Snow White’s kingdom seeking revenge, but now is focused on her teenage daughter Princess Lillian. With Alexander’s help, Lillian must develop the dormant power within her, a power she must control if she’s to save her kingdom, and ultimately those she loves. ... [Read More...]

World Football Domination: The Virtual Talent Scout (Book 1)

It’s 2050 and the renaissance of football (soccer) thinking has just begun. This is the first installment of a football science fiction journey shared by two countries from opposite ends of the world. When Gunnar Grimsson’s player identification drone goes missing on the outskirts of Iceland’s Reykjavik airport, foul play and subversion are to blame. Ambitious nations bent on dominating world football at all costs embark on a mission to steal the revolutionary technology. Will... [Read More...]

Fae Song

Gwynn had bested the greatest bards of Balahar and was on her own, free to follow the road into the green. That is until she heard the exhausted hoofbeats of the warhorse bearing its dying rider into her camp. An ancient Fae Prince will guide them through a secret labyrinth of portals where they will discover a hidden kingdom. Magic and music wind seamlessly around them and they will discover mysterious forces at play. Gwynn and Shae face life and loss and forge a friendship stronger than time.... [Read More...]

Free: Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled Box Set (Books 1 – 3)

Handsome, NYC, Beatles-music-obsessed prep school grad, Colin falls for free spirit & wild child Jasmine from Laguna Beach, CA. Green eyes, high cheekbones, long blond hair. He thinks she’s beautiful. Colin finds himself madly in love with Jasmine & believes he has met “the one”, but dating Jasmine turns out to be an emotional roller coaster ride. ... [Read More...]

Free: Gunpoint of View

Dustin and Ryan, can’t wait to shoot up their school and become heroes to those scorned. Joshua is a part of the jock clique until a grim diagnosis makes him more like Dustin and Ryan than he’ll ever know. Samiya is the voice for the unheard and overlooked. In one last good deed before graduation, she vows to help Dustin find a reason to smile. ... [Read More...]

Extraordinary Lies

Psycho. Liar. Witch. Julia and Charley are called the same things all their lives—it’s the price of being supernaturally gifted in a narrow-minded, sexist 1971. Then they’re sent to the Stanford Research Institute to be tested for paranormal abilities. As the tests get darker and more dangerous, the two girls must work together to unveil the truth behind the scientists’ experiments—and the extraordinary lies they’ve been told to keep them in the dark. A psychic thrill ride about fem... [Read More...]

The Hayle Coven Novels

Her mom’s a witch. Her dad’s a demon. She just wants to be ordinary. But when an insidious evil comes for her coven, Sydlynn Hayle’s choice between normal and her family’s magic propels her into an epic evolution from discontented young witch to a lifetime of adventure, heartbreak, the toughest choices and a destiny she never dreamed possible. Learn More ... [Read More...]

To Pieces

Jane Flynn – an average “Plain Jane” finds life taking a dramatic detour junior year of high school when she undergoes her first bipolar episode. This novel takes us on a wild ride through Jane’s descent into dark depression and rise into out-of-control mania, while juggling school, first love and a dark family secret. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]