The Montbryce Legacy

The 12 books of the series follow the lives and loves of successive generations of a noble Norman family, from the Conquest in 1066 to the assassination of Archbishop Becket during the reign of Henry II. Rich in accurate historical detail, the stories will allow you to get intimate with history and feel like you are a member of the Montbryce family. The heat level is steamy but not erotic. ... [Read More...]

Free: Echo in Time

Their love is destined to shatter the boundaries of time… She’s an archaeologist. He’s an ancient god. An Egyptian excavation brings them together, but what they discover there may tear them–and the rest of the world–apart. The past clashes with the present in this paranormal saga of ancient prophecies and warring gods. If you like Egyptian mythology, steamy romance, time-bending mysteries, and complex characters, then you’ll love this sprawling time travel adven... [Read More...]

Free: Livin’ After Midnight

Livin’ After Midnight chronicles the journey of Tommy, a young runaway, as he stumbles into one adventure after another. He eventually grows up to become Tom, an ex-con trafficking cocaine into LA for a Peruvian Drug Cartel. Tom is a handsome rogue who stumbles into the good graces of the Cartel after standing up for a complete stranger in jail. Tom’s life is filled with exciting, dangerous adventures that he is lucky to have survived. From fights in the LA County jail to shootouts in Downt... [Read More...]

Free: Love on Trial

Two lawyers on opposite sides of the aisle despise one another…at first. When Jude Crandall fights for justice, she is a formidable opponent. Malik Moore may hate his job as an attorney for a prestigious Chicago law firm, but he stands up to the force of prosecutor Jude in the battle of opposites. They disagree on most everything, except the love they both feel for their dogs, a Boston terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. When their mothers meddle, Jude and Malik find it impossible to avoi... [Read More...]

It’s Within You: A Detailed Road Map to Igniting, Deeper Self-Worth, Richer Relationships, and Greater Personal Freedom

A Powerful Synthesis of Modern Psychology and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom What if you could just stop worrying about what others think of you? How much more could you accomplish in life? ONE simple shift could make it happen… Burned out. Struggling. Undervalued. Conflicted. Invalidated. Anxious. Angry. Empty. All signs that your self-worth isn’t coming from within. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a place where healthy relationships, personal freedom, and peace of mind can thrive. Do you... [Read More...]

Book of spells

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do? Life can be full of joy or problems, but do we understand and are fully aware of the mysteries of life? Life is filled with magic. If you become conscious of this magic you will come to recognize more about everything that exists around you. Spells are used for creating both the death and birth of forms. Your reality is shaped by the spells that formulate the energy that sustains you, and the forms that you want. Some people are aware of... [Read More...]

Protecting My Sanity: Four Ways I Made PMS My Blankety Blank

Documenting the author’s experiences of severe PMS symptoms and how they affected those closest to her, every woman will benefit from this short read that is designed to help women take back control over their bodies, over themselves. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries

Fiona Fleming had hoped inheriting her grandmother’s bed and breakfast and returning home to quiet Reading, VT would be a welcome escape from the city life in New York and her cheating ex-boyfriend. She figured the most excitement she’d face would be making beds, pesky customers and the awful stench coming from her grandmother’s adorable pug, Petunia. Instead, she finds herself elbow-deep in family history, small-town politics, an old legend about pirate treasure and more murder and mayhe... [Read More...]

Stolen Luck

After an age of silence, the gods stir, and one man is listening… Even though Haki is the younger son of a powerful ruler, he feels the gods calling him to greatness. Clever and devout, he knows he is better suited to rule. Then a whisper in the back of Haki’s mind calls to him. Could it be the gods be speaking? That belief turns into a dark driving force. Haki must prove he has been chosen to lead the realm. His desire pushes him to the edge of madness. Craving recognition, Haki tr... [Read More...]