The Official Insider Report On The American NeeGrow

Everything YOU NEVER KNEW about Black men, in one definitive report. What do they REALLY think about life, love, family, and relationships? In this TELL-ALL report, Malcolm Luther King details the many UNTOLD TRUTHS about the men of his own ethnicity. Their most well kept secrets are now exposed; some of which have been hidden for generations. See price on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Mystery (An Evie Parker Mystery Book 2)

Fun 1920s Historical Cozy Mystery Warning: Afternoon tea with Lady Woodridge can be fatal. Evie has her hands full trying to keep the name of Woodridge free of scandal as well as mending fences with her maid Caro. No easy task when one of her afternoon tea guests is poisoned. Is it a coincidence when another guest is found dead from poison? $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Letter from Alabama

“Letter from Alabama” is the inspiring true story of parents lost, and parents found. This Amazon Best Seller is the story of two children orphaned and abandoned, then saved by grace and a family’s love – and by a startling letter that traveled hundreds of miles and changed everything. Amazon reviewer R. Headley says: “…this is a fine, well-written book that blends (the author’s) personal story with the greater events of American life in the second half of the 20th Century. Wo... [Read More...]

Free: Relicta

This is it.. this was always it. We have lost our ability to be human beings and live in a world as one collective species. Instead we are a disease.. the only disease upon a planet which was never ours. Well.. the 95% are.. Leaving just the Relicta. Follow a young man with black lines through every breath of his average day, working for those who never show their faces but control every single aspect of yours. The British government has finally reached breaking point with the gang issues withi... [Read More...]

Free: Breaking Barriers

Ceri was raised believing that the supernaturals of the world would taint her soul and take her to hell. She believed that until the day she learned her own parents planned to sacrifice her and drain magic long locked away from her. Forced to face this new version of herself she was taught to hate, she joins a school full of shifters, mages, and a young vampire as she struggles to learn the truth about who and what she is. ... [Read More...]

MIRTH and Other Dark Tales of Love

NEVER LET THE PASSION END. Ghosts are faithful lovers…forever. Vampires may steal your heart, but they demand a piece of your soul and hold it with their amorous grasp for centuries.Are you willing to succumb and invite the darker side of romance into your heart with a phantom lover who is drawn only to you? Become spellbound by tales of otherworldly devotion, longing, and sublime attraction. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]